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bone loss in jaw

Diabetes and Dental Health:  Part 2 – Diabetes Can Lead to Bone Loss …

Dentists get a lot of questions about diabetes and dental health.  In this series of posts regarding diabetes and your dental health, one top question has to do with bone loss. Specifically, the loss of bone in the jaw.

If you were wondering if diabetes can lead to bone loss…the answer is (unfortunately) yes. Here’s how it can happen if you don’t take the steps to prevent it.

Diabetes is no joke. As you are most probably aware, It can really do a number on your whole body.  And, if you aren’t careful, the risk of oral disease can rapidly increase. In fact, one in 5 cases of tooth loss is linked to diabetes.

Diabetes can affect your dental health.
Diabetes can affect your dental health.

This information isn’t to scare you, but rather to educate you!

In Part 1 of this series, the importance of controlling your blood sugar, brushing, and flossing was presented.

But there may be some things going on that you might not notice. Keep a look out for something that doesn’t seem quite right.  That little thing may need our attention and help you keep a healthy mouth.

For example, seeing blood in the sink when you brush or floss might be an early sign of gum disease. This is serious for a number of reasons and needs to be checked out by your local dentist.

You see, your jaw bone is actually what supports your teeth, not your gums. Gum disease that’s not caught early and allowed to progress can actually break down the bone and cause you to lose your teeth.

The less attention you give your blood sugar, the worse the bone loss can get.

Again, the important thing to remember, if you have diabetes, what might seem like little things to you could be significant to your local dentist. Be sure to mention all of them. 

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