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dental flossing benefits

Why Is Flossing Important?

A good oral care routine is the key to good oral hygiene. But do you think that only brushing every day can do the job? There are areas in your mouth where your toothbrush cannot reach. Food particles get stuck in these areas and lead to excessive plaque and tartar buildup. This is where flossing comes in handy.

What Is Flossing?

Flossing is a dental procedure that helps to clean the food particles stuck between your teeth. It is best to use dental floss which is thin and made up of either silk or nylon. Use a dental ribbon for teeth with larger gaps, and use a thread for teeth with lesser gaps. Consult your Airdrie dentist to find out the correct way to floss to ensure effective cleaning.

Why Is Flossing Important?

The importance of flossing cannot be stressed enough. You must incorporate the habit of flossing into your daily oral care routine. The benefits of flossing have been listed below which will help you to understand the importance of this procedure.

Good dental hygiene is necessary
Good dental hygiene is necessary

Say Goodbye To Bad Breath

Are you suffering from chronic bad breath? Flossing can help you to get rid of accumulated food particles which could be the reason behind your halitosis. Floss regularly and leave your mouth smelling fresh and squeaky clean.

Protection From Periodontal Disease

The primary cause of gum infection is excessive plaque buildup. Flossing regularly can prevent this buildup and protect your gums from bacterial infection. However, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of gingivitis, then you must consult your Airdrie dentist immediately.

No More Tooth Decay

Lack of proper cleaning can lead to cavity formation that can ultimately lead to tooth loss. It is essential to floss if you want your pearly whites intact. Our teeth have five sides and our toothbrush can only reach three of them. Not cleaning the other two sides makes tooth decay inevitable. This is where flossing comes in handy and acts as a protective shield for your shining smile. 

Boosts Your Appearance

Scared of staining your pearly white smile? Just floss your teeth regularly and you are good to go. Flossing helps to brighten your smile thereby improving your appearance. Consult your Airdrie dentist for more tips and tricks to maintain that pearly smile. Your smile can change your life!

We hope this blog has inspired you to incorporate flossing into your daily oral care routine. Looking for the best dental care services in Airdrie, AB? Book an appointment with us at Airdrie Springs Dental and enjoy our wide range of services.

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