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Diabetes can affect your dental health.

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 1 – How to Prevent Poor Dental Health

According to the website Diabetes Canada, in 2015 an estimated 3.4 million people have diabetes in Canada. This number is targeted to jump to a whopping 5 million by the year 2025. These numbers don’t even consider the additional 6.4 million prediabetics aged 20 or older expected by the year 2025.

With that many people dealing with diabetes, it’s no wonder dentists are getting more and more questions from their patients about how this disease affects their dental health.

In the next few posts, you’ll have the important questions answered.

Up first, is taking a look at what your blood sugar levels can do to your mouth.

Because diabetes reduces blood supply to the gums themselves, Infections in your gums and bones are a higher risk.

Additionally, high blood sugar can cause dry mouth which actually makes gum disease worse. Since there’s nothing to rinse the sugar off the teeth, plaque builds up faster. With the added plaque buildup teeth decay faster.

The good news is you can actually prevent a lot of these issues simply by controlling your blood sugar.

Good dental health depends on you taking care of your overall health.

Here are 3 specific things you should look for and call your dentist if any of these happen:

  • If you discover you have bleeding or sore gums
  • You seem to get infections often
  • If you realize you have bad breath that won’t go away

Here’s what you need to do if you have diabetes and want to maintain good dental health…

Healthy teeth and gums are vital to your overall oral health. Be sure to brush and floss twice daily. Get a good antiseptic mouthwash to use daily as well.

Keep your checkups every 6 months and be sure your local dentist knows you have diabetes. Keep your blood sugar under control and eliminate smoking. Seek help if you need to find a way to stop.

Communication is the key between you and your dentist. The more they know about you and your diabetes, the better they can help you keep your mouth healthy too.

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