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Your Airdrie Springs Dentists say: "Mouth guards are an important part of both good dental safety…and common sense."

Here’s How to Protect Those Teeth…

According to the American Dental Association, an estimated 5 million teeth are knocked out every year through sports. The ADA also believes that wearing a mouth guard prevents 200,000 injuries to the mouths of athletes and sports players every year.

In addition, the Academy for Sports Dentistry recommends mouth guards for more than 40 different sports.

Think about it…

  • You buckle your seatbelt when you ride in a car.
  • When you ride a motorcycle, you wear a helmet.
  • You wear eye protection when operating certain tools.

Why wouldn’t you wear a mouth guard when playing a sport?

Going out on the playing field wearing your mouth guard is as important as putting a baby in a car seat. And, popping a mouthguard is also much easier!

Wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth
Wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth

Those who lose teeth from rough play probably wish they had put their mouth guards in first. If you or your kids are involved with sports, it’s only one small thing you need to do to protect your teeth for a lifetime. Wear your mouthguard.

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