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Tongue Piercings – Are They Right for You?

Lots of Dentists often get a bad rap when it comes to telling you what you should and shouldn’t do regarding your teeth, gums, mouth, and tongue. What they say, generally isn’t what the patient hopes to hear. The trend of tongue piercings is one such incident. But, this should be discussed and needs close attention.

Before you decide to get one…here’s what you need to consider about tongue piercings:

  • They can require additional dental work if they cause teeth to chip or break
  • Tongue piercings can cause permanent gum recession, which can lead to sensitivity and even tooth loss
  • Dental jewellery, like piercings, can cause bacterial buildup in an area where millions of germs already reside. It’s just asking for trouble.
  • If you think it hurts when you bite your tongue without the piercing, wait until you chomp down on the jewellery by accident. You can damage your teeth, knock out fillings, and more.
  • Infections can sometimes cause swelling. The jewellery may be stainless steel, but your tongue is not. If your tongue were to get infected and swell, it can cut off your air supply and cause you to choke. Infections that are not treated can also cause the loss of your tongue as well.
  • On occasion, people show allergic reactions to the metal the jewellery is made from.
  • In some instances, you can develop numbness in your tongue as a result of the jewellery. If it happens, it can go away, but sometimes it is permanent.
  • The jewellery can get caught and rip your tongue.
  • You must remember to remove the jewellery for dental x-rays. X-rays and metal are not a good combination.

Most dentists don’t want to sound like parents (although they probably most certainly STRONGLY caution their own children against tongue piercings) but warn you or your kids to consider these and the many more factors when looking at getting your tongue pierced.

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