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What expectant women need to know

Pregnancy and Dentists: Part 1 – What Expectant Moms Want to Know…

What Expectant Moms Want to Know… Many expectant (or soon-to-be expectant) mothers have questions about their oral health during pregnancy. This is the first of three blogs covering that topic!

The first question most soon-to-be Moms want to know is…

Is it safe to have dental work done during pregnancy?

Yes – The fact is, it’s actually recommended to have your dental cleanings and annual dental exams while you’re pregnant. The changes in hormone levels can lead to many issues. Something as simple as swollen gums can trap food and lead to irritation. In addition, the trapped food can begin the process of plaque and/or decay in the tooth.

Also, one of the causes of premature birth has been traced back to gum disease.

The best way to take care of your baby is to take care of yourself. And, yes! That includes your teeth.

Can dental work such as cavities, fillings, and crowns be done during pregnancy?

dental fillings dentist Airdrie springs dentalAgain, the answer is, Yes! However, dental work can be done during the last 2 trimesters. This time is ideal.

Certainly, elective procedures, such as teeth whitening, can either be done during those first two trimesters or put on the back burner until after the baby arrives.

However, sometimes things just can’t wait. If there’s a dental emergency needing immediate assistance, for instance, a root canal or a tooth extraction, you should get that done as soon as possible. Your dentist in Airdrie should make you as comfortable as possible.

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