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How Do Dental Braces Work to Straighten Your Teeth Airdrie Alberta - Airdrie Dental Clinic

How Do Dental Braces Work to Straighten Your Teeth?

Teeth Straightening Dental Braces

You may be considering dental braces to straighten your teeth, but you’re probably wondering how they work.

Dental braces work by using pressure and friction to move your teeth into the correct position. This pressure is applied gradually and over time, which is why it’s important to wear your braces as prescribed by your local dentist.

In this post, we’ll look closely at how dental braces work and what you can expect during treatment.

What Are Dental Braces?

You might be wondering, “How do dental braces work?” The truth is, there’s a lot that goes into straightening teeth. It’s not as simple as just putting on a brace and magically, your teeth are straighter.

Having dental braces is necessary for having healthy and attractive teeth since they eventually assist your teeth to remain in their proper positions and avoid meddling with one another. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have perfectly straight teeth immediately. It can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months for the full effects of braces to be seen. But it’s worth it in the end!

What Are the Types of Braces?

There are many different dental braces, but the most common are metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign.

Metal braces are the most popular type because they are affordable and very effective.

Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces, but they look much nicer because they are tooth-colored.

Invisalign is a newer type of dental brace that uses a series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

The braces you choose will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and Orthodontics recommendations.

How Do Braces Move Teeth?

When you get braces, the metal brackets are glued to your teeth. Then Orthodontics will use a special wire to attach the brackets. This wire is then tightened every few weeks to move your teeth into the correct position.

Sometimes the braces can rub against your gums, which can cause them to bleed.

What Problems are Usually Fixed First with Braces?

When you go in for your braces consultation, the dentist will ask you what problems you would like to see fixed first. This is because different problems are fixed at different stages of treatment.

The most common problem that people want to see fixed with braces is crooked teeth. But other problems that can be corrected include gaps between the teeth, overbites, and underbites.

Your dentist will work with you to create a treatment plan that will address the problems you want to see fixed first. And remember, the sooner you start treatment, the better the results will be.

What are mini-braces?

So you’re considering getting dental braces to straighten your teeth? Great choice! There are a few different braces to choose from, and one of the most popular is the mini-brace.

As the name suggests, mini-braces are smaller than traditional braces, which makes them a good option for people who have limited space in their mouths. They work the same way as regular braces, but they’re fitted with tiny metal brackets that are barely noticeable.

If you’re thinking about getting mini-braces, here are a few things to keep in mind: they take a little bit longer to work than regular braces, and they can be a bit more expensive. But the results are worth it!

How do Braces work for Adults Compared to Children?

You’re probably wondering how dental braces work to straighten teeth. Well, the process is actually pretty similar for both adults and children. Braces work by applying pressure to your teeth, which then causes them to move gradually over time. 

This pressure is applied through a series of metal brackets that are attached to your teeth with dental adhesive.

The brackets then attach to a metal wire, which is bent into the desired shape. As the wire applies pressure to the brackets, it slowly moves your teeth into the correct position. 

Depending on how severe your case is, you may need to wear dental braces for anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

Maintaining Braces

Now that you have your dental braces, it’s important to remember that it’s not all over. In fact, the hard part is just beginning. You will need to maintain your braces if you want them to work their magic and straighten your teeth.

This means keeping your teeth clean, which might mean using a special toothbrush and toothpaste or flossing between your braces. It also means avoiding certain foods that can damage your braces, like sticky candy or crunchy snacks.

If you follow these guidelines and visit your dentist for regular checkups, you should start seeing results in no time. Congratulations on making this important step in improving your dental health!

Do Braces and Invisalign Work Differently?

So how do dental braces work to straighten your teeth? Well, they use a system of brackets and wires to apply pressure to your teeth and slowly move them into the correct position.

The good news is that braces are now more comfortable than ever, and most people only need to wear them for about two years. In some cases, though, you might need to wear them for a little longer.

But what about Invisalign? How does that work? Well, Invisalign is a set of clear, plastic braces you can take out whenever you want. They work by using a series of clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into the correct position.

Many people prefer Invisalign clear aligners because it’s more discreet than traditional braces, and you can still eat and drink whatever you want while wearing them.

When to talk with a dental professional?

It’s important to talk to a dentist if you see any of these signs:

– Your teeth are starting to crowd, and there’s not enough room for all of them

– Your teeth are crooked or sticking out

– You have a hard time biting or chewing food

– You have a lot of plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth

– You’ve had braces before, but they stopped working

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