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Why Are Regular Dental Exams Imperative for Your Oral Health? - Airdrie Springs Dental

Why Are Regular Dental Exams Imperative for Your Oral Health?

You should get a dental exam every six months. This is something we have all heard over and over. But why exactly are regular dental exams so important? If you are someone who wonders what makes dental cleanings and exams so important, we are here to tell you the truth.

The reason is simple – prevention is better than cure. Dental appointments should not be made only when you have a dental problem that needs to be addressed. Going to a dentist near you will ensure that you do not have to face such issues in the first place. If you feel like skipping a dental appointment, you should think about how you may have to pay for it in the long term – in terms of your health, money, time and peace of mind.

To persuade you, here are some reasons why regular dental exams are important for your oral health:

1.   Cavities, Plaque and Cleaning

Even when you brush and floss regularly, plaque can build up in areas that you miss. When plaque accumulates, it can be difficult to remove it. If it solidifies and turns into tartar, you will need professional help to get rid of it. With regular dental exams in Airdrie, you can prevent tartar buildup and cavities as a result of it. Once you get cavities, you will have to inevitable visit the dentist to have them filled and fixed. Regular exams can prevent plaque and tartar before it destroys your teeth. Also, a cleaning appointment is far more affordable than a filling.

2.  Gum Disease Prevention

The build-up of tartar and plaque not only causes tooth decay but also wears out your gum tissues. The build-up can cause an infection at the point where the tooth is connected to the gum. This leads to pulling away the gum from the tooth, known as gingivitis. When increased, the gum disease becomes noticeable in the form of soreness, swelling or bleeding. In severe cases, gum diseases can also cause the breakdown of the bone holding the tooth. If untreated, you can risk your tooth falling out altogether.

Regular dental exams are instrumental in recognizing the early signs of gingivitis and addressing it in time.

3. Dental X-rays for Under the Surface Problems

Dental x-rays are a crucial part of dental exams. These allow dentists to see what is going on beneath the surface of your mouth and diagnose any issues that may be invisible to the naked eye. Damage to jawbones, impacted teeth, bone decay, cysts and tumours are impossible to see without x-rays. However, to deal with such conditions, it is crucial to recognize them at the earliest. For destructive conditions that have few symptoms but affect you quickly, regular dental exams are the best choice to stay on top of your health.

4.  Dental Advice and Help

When you visit your dentist regularly, he or she will have a good understanding of your oral health. It will also help you in establishing a good relationship with your dentist. As such, they will be able to guide you through your oral care routine and suggest if any changes are needed. They can provide tailored advice and support for your dental issues, ensuring that you always stay in good health.

Final Thoughts

Oral health care affects your overall health. Keeping your mouth healthy is necessary to have a healthy body. Dental professionals don’t only whiten or restore your teeth but also ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and no abnormalities go unnoticed. Most dentists even perform an oral cancer diagnosis in regular checkups. Preventive dental care near you ensures that you have good oral health at all times and nothing sabotages your smile.

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