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Free Dental Day - Airdrie Springs Dental

Free Dental Day

Airdrie Springs Free Dental Day Was a Huge Success

We feel blessed to live in such a great community which is why everyone here at Airdrie Springs Dental likes to give back whenever we can. Our dental team recently organized a Free Dental Day offering essential dental care for those most in need. This clinic was held on May 7th and our staff were all delighted to take part as it was a huge success.

Helping Families Most in Need

Locals wishing to receive free dental care on this day had to apply beforehand as we felt this was the fairest way to ensure our dental care reached those most in need. This also allowed us to maximize the use of our resources so we could see more people. By treating families who don’t qualify for social assistance, we were able to provide essential dental care such as check-ups and cleanings for children and tooth removals.

Helping Improve Home Oral Care                   

Our team thoroughly enjoyed meeting local residents and we were able to talk to people about how best to look after their teeth at home. Patient education on good oral care at home is something we take very seriously, especially when people cannot visit a dentist as often as they’d like.

Why Regular Professional Dental Care is Important

Here at Airdrie Springs Dental, we all know regular professional dental care is hugely important in maintaining good dental health. Ideally, everyone should see a dentist every six months for check-ups and cleans as good preventative care can help to reduce long-term dental bills.

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