Children’s Dentistry Services in South Airdrie, Alberta

At Airdrie Springs Dental, our goal is to help Alberta families achieve healthy smiles throughout their lifetime. Part of our focus is kids so they can start learning how to care for their teeth and mouth early on.

Not everyone knows that dental problems may start at infancy. This doesn’t mean that your child would immediately need a dental treatment. It is important, though, for parents to help minimize risks of dental issues. Thumb-sucking, for example, is not good for developing teeth.

We can assist you so you can develop an effective oral healthcare routine for your child at home.

Keeping the Dental Office Kid-Friendly

We understand that the dental office may seem strange for a child. They might not feel comfortable with the sound of dental equipment or the smell in the dental office.

The Airdrie Springs Dental team works hard to ensure your child’s first visit is relaxed and positive. We don’t start with any treatment until we have gained your child’s trust. The first meeting with young patients is usually a friendly meeting. We get to know the patient and not force anything on them.

We want the kids to see us as their friends so they’d feel comfortable with us and be happy to visit again. We see to it that every child patient goes home with positive memories.

Convenient Dental Visits for Kids and Parents

With our extended hours, kids won’t have to miss school for a dental visit. Contact our friendly team today so we can work out a convenient schedule for you and the little ones.

Airdrie Springs Dental is open Mondays to Saturdays. We’re excited to welcome you and the kids into our office!